Introducing the Tabletop Line

brass dark patina candlesticks

Hand-made Jewelry and Accessories

FSA Leather Goods has been inspired by the well-worn and dependable tools used by the farmers and migrant workers who endured the Depression and Dust Bowl. Hard work was the only way for these people to pull themselves out of the toughest times that dared to destroy the land. The durable products manufactured during this era were built to last generations.

Our mission is to design products with the traditional qualities of simplicity, utility and durability essential to the hard-working people of the Depression Era, whose efforts, and the tools which enabled them, we still respect today.

Simplicity. Beauty. Longevity.

Each piece of jewelry is unique, hand-made in our Upstate NY studio. Edgy, yet classic. Designed to be worn by both men and women. Not overly feminine, not too masculine… but sexy, pretty, and handsome. We don’t do girly-girly, but love to think our women’s line is feminine without being too delicate. We design our jewelry for the women who love to wear their boyfriends’ shirts and jeans, and for the men who rocked the 60s wearing their girlfriend’s blouses on stage.

We bring the same care and thoughtfulness to our accessories line. The desk set “makes” any desk.

What’s Good Today Is Great Tomorrow.

All our designs will enhance through time, age gracefully, and wear well. The leather will darken, the metal will tarnish. Every mark will remind you of a memory.