Hand-made Jewelry and Accessories

FSA Leather Goods has been inspired by the well-worn and dependable tools used by the farmers and migrant workers who endured the Depression and Dust Bowl. Hard work was the only way for these people to pull themselves out of the toughest times that dared to destroy the land. The durable products manufactured during this era were built to last generations.

Our mission is to design products with the traditional qualities of simplicity, utility and durability essential to the hard-working people of the Depression Era, whose efforts, and the tools which enabled them, we still respect today.

Simplicity. Beauty. Longevity.

Each piece of jewelry is unique, hand-made in our Upstate NY studio. Edgy, yet classic. Designed to be worn by both men and women. Not overly feminine, not too masculine… but sexy, pretty, and handsome. We don’t do girly-girly, but love to think our women’s line is feminine without being too delicate. We design our jewelry for the women who love to wear their boyfriends’ shirts and jeans, and for the men who rocked the 60s wearing their girlfriend’s blouses on stage.

We bring the same care and thoughtfulness to our accessories line. The desk set “makes” any desk.

All our designs will enhance through time, age gracefully, and wear well. The leather will darken, the metal will tarnish. Every mark will remind you of a memory.

The “Black Line”

Cuff, letter opener, shoehorn

We recently began enhancing our brass items with a soft, slightly oiled, vegetable tanned black leather, meticulously detailed with tan stitching. It’s been a fabulous success! The brass and black modernize the look of our cuffs, barrettes, paperweights and accessories for both him and her. The very “Hermes” stitch finishes the very ‘handsome’ look.

Our shoehorn always gets lots of admiration at the shows we do. We hear…”Is that a shoehorn? My father always had one” Then we hear….”I’ve always wanted a shoehorn but never found one I love. I’ll take it”

Another favorite is the letter opener. Some think it’s a ‘shiv’ or a ‘shank’(depending on where you are from. Then they realize they have always needed a letter opener but never thought about owning one…another happy customer.

Groups shot of black paperweights

These always bring a smile. Someone will pick one up and notice how nicely it fits in the hand. They won’t put it down until they’ve tossed it from hand to hand a few times. We make these by special request and enjoy wrapping a customer’s favorite stone. The well-chosen stone can inspire a special meaning or memory, and enhancing it for them is an honor. A well-chosen stone, that provokes a special memory, can be enhanced with a beautiful leather wrap.

Black and brass desk tray

We are determined to bring back desk organizers too!

If you have ever used a shoehorn, letter opener, or paperweight that was a family member’s, you’ll love owning a new piece that can be handed down generation to generation, and start a new tradition.

We are happy to design any color combination for any item in our line that you may want to create. And unlike Henry Ford, we won’t restrict the colors to “any color, as long as it’s black.” But black leather wrapped around brass does look sharp.

The Desk Set

For the well appointed desk.

If Tracey and Hepburn were alive, they’d love this for their desks.

We’ve expanded the desk accessories line to include a letter holder, and a newly designed pen tray. The pieces pictured, are all wrapped in hand stitched, softly oiled, vegetable tanned black leather, but can also be made with a natural vegetable tanned leather.

Not just for Him, these desk accessories will enhance any desk or table to look more neat and modern, and with a respectful nod to Mid-Century designers.

Other sizes and wrapping treatments which let the brass to show, are also available upon request.

About Our Leather

We are currently offering these five leather colors for our products. From supple sheep, to a smooth veg-tanned cow leather. The leather is either treated with mink oil or pure Neatsfoot Oil. To enhance the richness of the Brown and Veg-Tanned, we can also apply a beeswax/oil combination upon request.

Our edges and center seams are finished smooth with oils or wax, without any heavy dyes.

We offer a few stitch choices, Tan, Black, or White. Our favorite, Tan, seems to go well with all our leather colors.