• brass, sterling
  • thickness: 18 gauge (1mm, .04 inches)
  • width: 1 inch
  • length: 2.25 inches

Our new money clip is hand formed and work hardened from 18 gauge sterling or brass. Money clips are designed to keep your bills or credit cards in a compact fashion, safely in your front pocket. And its so much nicer looking than a rubber band. It is not made to hold a lot of cash or cards, but is also more comfortable than a thick wallet in your back pocket.

You can use the money clip in a few ways to securely hold varying amounts of bills. It’s also possible to remove a single bill in the center of the stack very easily without fumbling through your wallet. 

The design on top of this clip represents speed, industry, movement and technology, in a liner form and has been influenced by the Italian artists during the Futurism Art Movement in the early 20th Century.