The newest addition to our desk accessory line is the Valet Tray. Slightly larger than our desk trays and capable of organizing and holding much larger objects. Generously proportioned to hold your everyday carry objects neatly and stylishly, in the entryway, on the kitchen table, or on the dresser. The frame is hand-formed, made from .25” dark brass patina rod, and fitted with your choice of cowhide leather in navy blue, brown, or tan. The leather is carefully hand stitched as are all our leather products, continuing the quality of workmanship that is expected from FSA Leather Goods. Our edges are burnished with beeswax and never painted. We feel it’s a more organic and classic look.

  • brass with dark patina finish
  • width: 5 inches
  • length: 10 inches
  • height: 1.5 inches

As a special feature, if you tip the tray towards a corner, all the change you may have placed in the tray gets funneled into your palm or pocket. Saving you from picking up each coin one at a time.

We are happy to make custom sizes to accommodate a range of items that you need to keep organized and ready to go.

Note: Our pieces are custom-made upon ordering. Please allow six to eight weeks for delivery.